[Album] Software geupgrade naar versie 1.4.12

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 01/09/2007 - 09:16 | Posted in: Album

Heerlijk om van school af te zijn! Deze morgen heb ik eindelijk mijn album nog eens kunnen upgraden. Deze zat al terug 2 versies achter. Reden voor dringende upgrade?

The development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter a recently discovered mySQL vulnerability that can lead to disclosure of sensitive information. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.4.10 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

Aldus Coppermine zelf ...

Belangrijkste changes:

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

* 2007-07-02 Release of cpg1.4.12 {GauGau}

* 2007-07-02 Backported parts of the cpg1.5.x documentation for cpg1.4.x {GauGau}

* 2007-07-02 Fixed double quotes for comment input fields (thread ID 40423) {GauGau}

* 2007-07-02 Replaced string "CVS" with "SVN" to reflect the changed repository structure of the SF.net code repository {GauGau}

* 2007-06-30 Fixed multiple password protected albums bug {Abbas}

* 2007-06-28 Release of cpg1.4.11 {GauGau}

* 2007-06-28 Fixed a vulnerability where SQL injection was possible with array indices of album password cookie {Abbas}

* 2007-03-30 Renamed default cookie name to version-independant name to avoid confusion for beginners {GauGau}

* 2007-03-26 Added German version of the FAQ (user contribution, work in progress) {GauGau}

* 2007-01-29 Correcting links {Nibbler}

* 2007-01-24 Added Lithuanian translation (user contribution) {GauGau}

* 2007-01-15 Added Arabic translation (user contribution) {GauGau}

* 2007-01-14 Fixed situation in plugin api that caused bizarre plugin behavior when plugins called underlying plugin api hooks {Donnoman}

* 2007-01-08 Fixed the vulnerability mentioned in topic 39943, though only admins could have exploited that. {Abbas}

* 2006-12-28 Fixed garbage collection deleting special file "no_FTP-uploads_into_this_folder!" inside edit folder {GauGau}

* 2006-12-28 Fixed bug in search by keyword {GauGau}

* 2006-12-27 Updated copyright date {GauGau}

* 2006-12-27 Small fix in background image of sub menu for project_vii {GauGau}

* 2006-12-27 Updated zipdownload with more recent library to enable zip downloads for mac users {GauGau}

* 2006-12-13 Fixed visibility of upload link for users disallowed public uploads, but allowed personal galleries {GauGau}

* 2006-12-11 Replaced HTML entities with actual characters in Danish language file {GauGau}

* 2006-12-06 Avoid attempting to send emails to admins who have no email address in profile.
* 2006-11-28 Added Hindi language file (user contribution) {GauGau}

* 2006-11-27 Fixing redirect to file after new upload while bridged. {Nibbler}

* 2006-11-17 Updated code in FAQ entry {Nibbler}

* 2006-11-12 Fixed plugin api sleep and wake actions to be scoped correctly. {Donnoman}

* 2006-11-09 Fixed display of hit stats link on displayimage {Nibbler}

* 2006-11-09 Added Thai language (user contribution) {GauGau}

Have fun testing the new software :-)!

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